On Air with IER: Episode 1

This week: you could be living in a toxic home and not even know it, and one of the nation's top animal conservation awards is based in Indianapolis.
November 5, 2018


Welcome to Episode 1 of the IER Podcast hosted by IER reporters Enrique Saenz and Beth Edwards.


Cleaning up an old meth house

By Beth Edwards

You could be living in a toxic home and not even know it. How a methamphetamine drug epidemic is turning into an environmental problem that could effect you and your family.

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A roundup of recent climate and environmental related headlines from around the world.


Indianapolis Prize

By Enrique Saenz

Every two years the Indianapolis Zoological Society awards the Indianapolis Prize to the person selected as the world's leading animal conservationist. This year's winner is Dr. Russell Mittermeier, chief conservation officer for Global Wildlife Conservation.

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