On Air with IER: Episode 47

This week: A major electricity supplier in Indiana plans to retire two coal-fired units at its Petersburg Generating Station, and we take a look at what you can do to make sure your campfire fuel isn't helping spread invasive bugs.
December 16, 2019


Welcome to Episode 47 of the IER Podcast hosted by Sophie Bird.


IPL Plans Early Retirement of Two Coal-fired Units at Petersburg Plant

By Enrique Saenz

Indianapolis Power & Light officials announced the company plans to retire two of four coal-fired units at its Petersburg Generating Station in Pike County within the next four years.

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A roundup of recent climate and environmental related headlines from around the world.

Mercury spilled into Grand Calumet River
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Christmas tree farms decline in Indiana
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Christmas sweater contribute to plastic pollution
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Buying local: Firewood management reduces spread of invasive pests

By Enrique Saenz

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources warns Hoosiers that transporting firewood for campfires could inadvertently introduce invasive pests that are deadly to the state’s native tree population.

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