On Air with IER: Episode 49

This week: IDEM investigates whether a company responsible for a chemical release in Lake Michigan and the Little Calumet River is accurately reporting water samples; we take a look at the environmental issues Gov. Eric Holcomb brought up during the 2020 State of the State address; and a national non-profit organization is looking for 20 Indianapolis homeowners willing to transition to solar power at no cost.
January 20, 2020


Welcome to Episode 49 of the IER Podcast hosted by Enrique Saenz.


Steel Mill Denies Manipulating Spill Data

By Enrique Saenz

The Luxembourg-based company that admitted to inadvertently releasing excess levels of cyanide and ammonia into the Little Calumet River in August has denied manipulating test data it submitted to Indiana’s environmental agency.

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Litter, Water and Trees in the State of the State

By Enrique Saenz

Gov. Eric Holcomb delivered his State of the State address Jan. 14, a yearly speech where the state’s chief executive touts victories and successes in the past year and talks about challenges Hoosiers will face now and in the future.

With mentions of environmental success in the “Crossroads of America” and a surprise commitment to the state’s timberlands, environmental issues took up a substantial portion of the governor’s 33-minute speech

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A roundup of recent climate and environmental related headlines from around the world.

1.Indiana city part of coalition fighting climate change
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  1. IDEM budget reduced by $35 million in last decade
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  2. EPA appoints new Region 5 administrator
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Pilot Project Seeks to Bring Solar Power to Low-income Communities

By Enrique Saenz

A pilot project is looking for Indianapolis homeowners interested in making the switch to solar power without spending a dime.

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