Elevated Lead Levels Found at Marion County Schools

February 4, 2020

The Indianapolis Star is reporting that schoolchildren in Marion County may have been exposed to elevated lead levels in drinking water, and agencies in charge failed to alert parents.

The Marion County Public Health Department tested water outlets in areas accessible to children in nearly 300 schools over the course of 16 months.

The health department released a report in January 2019 that listed the schools tested and how many samples with elevated lead levels were found in the 2016-2017 school year.

But the report did not detail the exact levels of lead contamination found in each of the schools.

Columnist Suzette Hackney obtained a copy of an internal report that showed some samples found were up to 500 times greater than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s threshold for corrective action.

The highest levels of contamination occurred in private schools. Of the 34 private school facilities tested, 13 had samples in ranges requiring corrective action.

You can read Hackney’s column at the Indy Star.

Elevated Lead Levels Found at Marion County Schools