Increased winter coyote numbers not cause for alarm, DNR says

December 17, 2019

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources says that Indiana residents should expect more frequent sightings of coyotes during the winter months.

Coyotes are more active during the winter and sparse vegetation makes it easier to spot them than in the summer months. January is also breeding season for coyotes, which will make them more active.

Dangerous encounters between humans and coyotes are uncommon, according to the DNR, and seeing more coyotes in winter is not cause for alarm.

However, these animals can harm household pets. The DNR recommends keeping pets leashed, kenneled or indoors during peak coyote seasons.

Although coyote sightings are more common in rural areas, the DNR says sightings are also reported in urban areas because coyotes like to eat animals like rabbits and squirrels that are common around homes.

Because they eat also carrion and rodents, coyotes are particularly beneficial for Indiana’s environment and remain an essential part of the state’s native animal life.

More information on identifying coyotes and keeping them off your property is available here.

Increased winter coyote numbers not cause for alarm, DNR says