Report finds EPA redundancies are wasting tax dollars

January 7, 2020

Redundancy in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s equipment tracking system is wasting taxpayer money and harming the agency’s ability to prepare for national disasters, according to a new report.

The EPA Office of Inspector General stated that the EPA “may not have the correct equipment to respond to future incidents” and national emergencies, according to The Hill.

The problem lies not in the EPA’s equipment itself, but in the systems the agency uses to track oil spill and hazardous waste management equipment.

Although the EPA spent more than $500,000 on equipment management through a program called the Agency Asset Management System in 2018, the agency still spent an additional $2 million on contractors to fill in gaps where the AAMS proved inadequate.

The report states that the EPA “uses contractors to track equipment, even though AAMS could do this for the agency.” The Office of Inspector General expressed concerns about the mismanagement of taxpayer money in order to hire these contractors.

The EPA denies these allegations. Read the full article from The Hill here.

Report finds EPA redundancies are wasting tax dollars