Richmond contractor charged with violating federal lead paint laws

August 11, 2021

An Indiana contractor faces 20 years in prison for allegedly disregarding federal lead-safe work practices while renovating homes in the Richmond area, potentially exposing residents to lead contamination.

A federal grand jury indicted Jeffrey Delucio, 52, co-operator of Aluminum Brothers Home Improvements LLC in Richmond, saying he failed to train employees on lead-safe work practices, as required by federal law, and falsified documents to show he did.

According to the Department of Justice, the lack of federally mandated training led to lead-based paint chips being scattered throughout the properties Delucio’s company worked on, potentially exposing people living at or near the homes to lead contamination.

When a federal grand jury subpoenaed Delucio’s company for records about the lead training, he allegedly fabricated records to state that he did train his employees.

Delucio was charged with two counts of violating the Toxic Substances Control Act and one count of falsifying documents during a federal investigation.

If convicted, Delucio faces up 20 years in prison.

“The health and safety of all Hoosiers is a responsibility that everyone plays a role in,” said Acting U.S. Attorney John Childress. “Mr. Delucio failed the community, his employees, and the environment. This is another example of bringing those who violate that responsibility to justice to help protect our citizens and preserve the environment for current and future generations.”

Aluminum Brothers Home Improvements LLC is listed as one of the 802 firms in Indiana certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for renovation, repair and painting.

The company’s certification is set to expire Aug. 15.

According to state records, the company was administratively dissolved March 5, 2021.

Richmond contractor charged with violating federal lead paint laws