White River State Park introduces recycling initiative

November 7, 2019

White River State Park has introduced a recycling initiative that’s expected to keep approximately 30 tons of waste out of Indiana landfills annually.

The initiative will include the installation of ten recycling receptacles throughout the park, with hopes for expansion in the future.

The project was developed based off of a waste audit that evaluated the ratio of recyclable materials to organic waste in each area of the park, according to WBIW.

The project is spearheaded by park intern Meghan Ziegler, a junior at IUPUI, who worked with Property Manager Lisa Milton to effectively place the receptacles throughout the park’s 250 acres.

In addition to the waste audit, Ziegler and Milton also surveyed grounds maintenance staff about the volume and types of waste most commonly found on the property.

“Recycling is a common-sense practice that has many benefits to our community beyond simple waste reduction. It preserves habitat, conserves energy and natural resources, and creates jobs and benefits the economy,” Milton told WBIW.

A complete map of the receptacle locations is available here.

Photo by Adam Sturm/Seegull Media

White River State Park introduces recycling initiative