Producing Under Pressure

Farmers in “America’s Breadbasket” plan to feed the nation as COVID-19 spreads in the U.S.

On Air with IER: Episode 56

This week: The NOAA predicts above-average levels of rainfall and flood risk this spring, the Department of Defense it has identified many more military installations in the U.S. that may be contaminated with toxic PFAS chemicals.

Bird's-Eye View

Every day, people across the world will make decisions or innovations that affect the way Hoosiers live. We’ll track the changes so you’re ready for them.

Social distancing leads to spread of bogus animal stories on social media

Some of those uplifting animal resilience stories being shared online are completely fake.

Scientists find source of mysterious ozone-killing emissions

Scientists believe they have found the source of mysterious emissions of ozone-destroying chemicals.

DoD finds 50% more installations contaminated with PFAS

The U.S. Department of Defense said PFAS chemicals may have been used or released at many more installations than initially reported.

Trump administration pressures coastal communities to evict homeowners from flood-prone areas

The Trump administration is using the threat of withholding federal money to force communities to evict homeowners living in flood zones.

Study: Wider lanes don’t reduce congestion

A new study has found that expanding the number of lanes on a roadway does not necessarily reduce traffic congestion.

Laser printer toner nanoparticles linked to genetic changes, increased disease risk

A new study found that laser printer toner could cause changes in the human body that would make catching diseases much more likely.

Scientists may have explained why sea turtles are attracted to sea plastic

Researchers in Florida say they may have found out why sea turtles keep seeking out plastic trash.

Indiana cities to develop greenhouse gas emissions plans

Nearly a dozen Indiana cities said they would develop plans to address their greenhouse gas emissions before the end of 2020.

FDA, FTC warn companies to stop selling fraudulent coronavirus treatments

Two federal agencies have issued warning letters to seven companies to stop selling products that claim to treat or prevent COVID-19.

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