Creation care: One Indiana congregation’s fight for energy equality

Dispute over net metering puts church, utility company at odds

On Air with IER: Episode 24

This week: The U.S. Navy wants residents living near NSA Crane to test their water wells for potentially hazardous PFAS compounds, and we take a look at why an Indianapolis apartment complex isn't allowed to use the solar power it produces.

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With Climate Change, Animal-to-Human Disease Transfer May Worsen

Scientists have found that certain environments may make it easier for animals to infect humans with diseases like bird flu and Ebola.

Fungal Disease, Lethal to Ash Trees, Will Cost British Government £15 Billion

Ash dieback, an invasive fungal disease, is expected to kill 95% to 99% of the UK’s native ash trees if local governments do not intervene.

Fast Food Companies Begin Using Meat Substitutes

U.S. sales of plant-based meat substitutes increased 17% last year thanks in part to the fast food industry.

Synthetic Fibers in Clothing Contribute to Pollution

Clothing that contains synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon contributes to microplastic pollution, which can end up in the ocean and the seafood that humans eat.

Rising Sea Levels Force Relocation of Indonesian Capital

For the first time in Indonesian history, the city of Jakarta will no longer be the country’s capital due to environmental and infrastructural challenges.

Humans Have Been Influencing Drought for More Than a Century

Greenhouse gases and atmospheric particles produced by humans have influenced global drought since at least the early 20th century, according to a NASA study.

Thawing Arctic Soils Accelerating Global Warming

The permafrost layer in the Arctic is thawing and releasing greenhouse gases more quickly than predicted and is accelerating global warming.

Study: California Tap Water May Cause Cancer

A research team that analyzed California tap water during a five-year period concluded contaminants in the water could cause more than 200 cases of cancer each year.

Carbon Pollution to Deprive Tropical Forests of Iconic Clouds

Human-caused climate change could cause iconic clouds in tropical rain forests to disappear with the next 25 years.

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