Is Climate Change Already Affecting Indiana’s Agriculture?

Near-record weather in 2019 follows long trend of rising precipitation and temperature averages

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This week: IDEM investigates whether a company responsible for a chemical release in Lake Michigan and the Little Calumet River is accurately reporting water samples; we take a look at the environmental issues Gov. Eric Holcomb brought up during the 2020 State of the State address; and a national non-profit organization is looking for 20 Indianapolis homeowners willing to transition to solar power at no cost.

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Proposed Indiana legislation could threaten environment, raise electric bills

A new bill could raise electric bills, threaten the environment, and make it more difficult for Indiana utility companies to transition away from coal.

Indiana DNR releases five-year plan for outdoor recreation

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has released its five-year plan for outdoor recreation in the state.

A greenhouse gas 12,000 times more potent than CO2 is on the rise

Since 2014, a greenhouse gas 12,000 times more potent than carbon dioxide has been on the rise

Smoke from Australia’s bushfires having worldwide environmental impact

Researchers have discovered indicators of Australian brushfire smoke in nearly every ocean basin across the globe.

Proposal seeks to remove environmental consideration from highway, pipeline planning

A new proposal would make it easier for federal agencies to start infrastructure projects without taking environmental impacts into account.

Indiana NAACP advocates for clean energy and energy equality

The NAACP is encouraging Indiana chapters to evaluate how utility and fossil fuel companies are responding to environmental justice issues.

Indiana city part of coalition fighting climate change

A report has found that the actions of communities, businesses and other entities can work to significantly reduce emissions.

Home falls off Lake Michigan bluff thanks to erosion

A cottage on the shores of Lake Michigan has tumbled down a bluff and into the lake, thanks to more rapid and severe shoreline erosion.

EPA appoints new Region 5 administrator to oversee Indiana, surrounding states

The EPA has appointed a new Region 5 administrator to oversee the agency’s business in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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